William Thien

On EU Countries Closing Their Borders

Posted on: November 20, 2015

Having been employed in the past as an intelligence analyst and also having traveled to Hungary during the month of October of this year (2015) in another capacity, I believe I can comment on this matter with at the very least a modest level of authority.

This is an observation about something that has not quite been realized in the midst of all the reporting on terrorist activity lately.

In late September and early October it was reported that Hungary was closing its border with countries to its south as refugees flooded in. The reasoning given was that many of the refugees were undocumented and or traveling with false papers acquired from illegal sources acquired along the way in order to facilitate their entry into the EU.

Much of Europe was up in arms over Hungary’s decision to close its borders, suggesting some form of overt fascism, racism, or xenophobia that must be addressed through sanctions. EU countries were scheduling votes on political actions to be taken. Hungary was facing political isolation from many member countries of the EU.

Now that Paris has suffered numerous attacks it doesn’t seem like such an irrational or hate inspired move on Hungary’s part to have closed its borders while everyone else cried foul, does it?

It raises the question, had Hungary not closed its borders when it did, would the damage to Paris have been much worse and what is still in store for the rest of The EU?

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