William Thien

Are U.S. Politicians a Bunch of “lars?”

Posted on: December 10, 2015

I overheard a conversation in a shop the other day and the guy was saying that he thought politicians in The U.S. lied a lot more than politicians elsewhere. His partner disagreed. “They lie everywhere he replied,” and they wandered off bickering about it. “Bunch of lars!” The first guy growled. “Lars!”

Of course there are videos of politicians saying one thing in one town and another completely diametrically opposed statement in another town a day later while campaigning.

In the U.S. we have so many different cultures and so many different regions and the place is so large that everyone has their own idea of what works and what is important to them. If a “lar” goes to one town where corn is important he or she is going to eat some corn on the cob and say how great corn is. It’s a wonder food! But in the next town where people don’t like to put ethanol made from corn in their gas tanks, he is going to say he is for removing the ethanol requirement as a fuel additive. I just saw this happen, by the way.

Not my sentiment exactly but hence, a “bunch of “lars” nevertheless.

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