William Thien

The Elderly have Discovered Gadgets, Hallelujah!

Posted on: December 31, 2015

One of the most interesting phenomena I’ve noticed lately is that the elderly, once skittish of the internet and any “new technology” have discovered smart phones and other electronic gadgets to while away their time in retirement. You can see them all over the place now fidgeting with phones and dragging their fingers across tablet screens in coffee shops and in malls all across America.

The elderly have discovered gadgets, hallelujah!

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1 Response to "The Elderly have Discovered Gadgets, Hallelujah!"

While i’m sometimes skeptical of new social trends that came about in accord with technological innovations, i’m hardly one who could be put in the Luddite camp.
So with that in mind, i’m all for the elderly and other relatively socially confined folk having their world expanded by internet access; that was the original idea behind all this, anyway —– no more ‘barriers to entry’ for those otherwise hampered by lack of income, lack of education or lack of whatever….. so, now they can go online and research and vouchproof themseles all those ‘reverse mortgage’ pitches levied by Alex Trebec!

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