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Like many of you I’m a bit burned out on the Republican and Democratic debates by now. It’s not a political event any longer, it’s a media event, a form of entertainment, complete with commercial breaks.

The media doesn’t seem to be asking any substantive questions outside of the mainstream and appears to be working directly in coordination with the various candidates albeit in a rather subtle way.

My general impression of the last Republican debate is that all of the candidates would make great administrators and one of them may very well end up being president but based on the responses to the diluted questions posed by the panel my final conclusion is that there were no game changers up there on that stage the other night when clearly many of us believe a game changer is exactly what the country needs.

I scored the debate like this Kasich-1st, a tie between (in alphabetical order since it was a tie) Bush-2nd, Carson-2nd, Christie-2nd, Paul-2, Rubio-2nd, followed in 3rd place by Cruz-3rd.

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I was angered to hear that Congress was resisting Senator Patty Murray’s bill to cover “Reproductive Services for Injured Servicemembers, Veterans, and Their Families.”

While single women getting pregnant out-of-wedlock is a widely accepted behavior in The US and supported at every stage of the social safety net, lauded by the daytime media, and promoted by every so-called Democrat in office, a male or female soldier that seeks IVF (Invitro Fertilization) or other fertility treatment is ineligible. Soldiers stepping on landmines that have suffered multiple amputations are not even eligible for IVF treatments, but single civilian women can get most if not all of their medical bills paid for simply by getting pregnant and applying for public aid. It’s a travesty. Support Patty Murray’s legislation by calling your elected officials today.

For more information on Senator Murray’s bill, click here Bill to Cover Reproductive Services .



Here is another failure of monetary interventionism I’d like to describe to you.

One of the most disastrous effects of the FED’s extensive period of low interest rates is that it stimulated inflation on almost every product that wasn’t in the category of products subject to governmental price controls, such as basic food stuffs. Houses, cars, nearly all big ticket items doubled or often quadrupled in price during the last ten years while the median income of the American family has dropped. But this is not the only disastrous side effect of the FED’s policy.

The FED’s desire to keep interest rates low occurred during a period when Chinese imports flooded the US marketplace. What the FED’s policy did was to substantially increase the profits for Chinese producers while undermining the margins for US producers, not for the large ticket items but for the bread and butter products I’ve described previously in observations on this subject.

Now that the FED has moved to begin raising interest rates we should ask if such extensive influence over the economy is advisable? And should there be some option for intervention in the future if the FED sits on interest rates, high or low for that matter, for so long?

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