William Thien

An Observation on The Republican Debate Sans Trump

Posted on: January 30, 2016

Like many of you I’m a bit burned out on the Republican and Democratic debates by now. It’s not a political event any longer, it’s a media event, a form of entertainment, complete with commercial breaks.

The media doesn’t seem to be asking any substantive questions outside of the mainstream and appears to be working directly in coordination with the various candidates albeit in a rather subtle way.

My general impression of the last Republican debate is that all of the candidates would make great administrators and one of them may very well end up being president but based on the responses to the diluted questions posed by the panel my final conclusion is that there were no game changers up there on that stage the other night when clearly many of us believe a game changer is exactly what the country needs.

I scored the debate like this Kasich-1st, a tie between (in alphabetical order since it was a tie) Bush-2nd, Carson-2nd, Christie-2nd, Paul-2, Rubio-2nd, followed in 3rd place by Cruz-3rd.

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