William Thien

Observation on the Feb 6th Republican Debate

Posted on: February 7, 2016

I scored the debate this way: Bush and Rubio-1st place; Carson, Cristie, Cruz, Kasich, Trump-2nd Place.

There was a lot less energy in this debate. The candidates seem burned out a bit, except for Bush and Rubio, who came on fairly strong.

Why did I move Bush and Rubio in to first place?

The moderators began the debate with a statement that they were going to focus the debate questions on “what the American people” want to hear about, which of course was a presumption designed to control the debate and lead the candidates away from the reality of that truth. They were the same questions as during the last debate really, nothing new there, a waste of time in that regard.

The moderators said debate was to be about ISIS, race relations, and so forth. What the moderators really should have said is that these subjects are “sensational” and so we are going to focus the debate on them even though there are more pressing concerns such as the massive class of people now benefiting from the socialist system but not ever contributing to the socialist system (but of course that class of people are sitting home watching television all of the time and so the moderators are not going to go there with questions because it would mean a threat to one of their largest audiences, daytime television).

Bush attempted to bring that very subject up and the moderator quickly changed the subject back to terrorism. (Bush received 25 points for that attempt). It shows he has some intestinal fortitude (guts). That moved him in to first place right away. This is knock down, knockout stuff on my score card, ladies and gentlemen. It’s the stuff the candidates are all afraid to talk about because they know the media is protective of the big fat double udder cash cow called socialism to which many of their sponsors and advertisers (drug companies, fast food, you name it) tap into.

Rubio commented several times that the current administration “knows what they are doing” to the replies of several on stage that said the current administration is clueless. I side with Rubio on that matter. The current administration is quite efficient at achieving the outcomes it desires. We can see this in the advent of landmark legislation such as The Affordable Care Act and other such changes to national law. Rubio did not say “the current administration is doing the wrong thing,” what he suggested is that the current administration knows what they are doing when it comes to getting what they want. To me this suggests Rubio has the ability to analyze and explain the political behaviors of his competition and those who disagree with him on that point may not or may in fact be covering for the competition as politicians often do because, well, they are politicians and many are professional party straddlers. 25 points goes to Rubio as well. 1st place at that point and tied with Bush.

Carson, Christie, Cruz, and Kasich seemed to be playing a secondary role, attempting to focus their energy on another candidate on the stage, either in a support or attack role, and so I could not give them any major points for that reason.

Trump, the front-runner in New Hampshire polling, seemed distracted and wasn’t his usual abrasive self. He seemed to have lost a bit of his edge, something he himself would need because that is what the voter will be expecting of him and it may be a character attribute the country needs, a facet of his business acumen. Out of character and off message, he seemed distracted.

That’s how I scored it, ladies and gentlemen.

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4 Responses to "Observation on the Feb 6th Republican Debate"

yep.. don’t forget about abortion, gay marriage and other ‘issues’ summoned with the sole intent of distracting and dividing the middle class from complaining about its financial rape and manipulation

I might agree with you though I believe the term “financial rape” is inappropriately used as it is primarily a sexual act, though in my opinion used most often outside of its proper context to incite women on an issue since rape is such a sensitive subject to them. Financial “plunder” would be more appropriate than “financial rape.” “Financial rape” doesn’t really add up.

ok, i guess i was going for some prurient interest that perhaps wasn’t warranted.
Financial plunder will do…..

btw: What do you think of Ben Carson saying Obama doesn’t understand ‘the black experience’ because he is biracial and was raised predominantly by whites. FWIW, I think that is nonsense.

Regarding Ben Carson’s observation, I would say that the matter probably wasn’t considered in that manner, but rather how will I need to appear in order to get elected.

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