William Thien

Observation on Feb 13th Republican Debate

Posted on: February 15, 2016

Clearly Trump won the debate. Everyone else came in a close second, though.

A few of the other candidates simultaneously ganged up on Trump which took them right out of first place in my book. At this point it is about the individual candidate, not party politics.

I think the electorate is looking for an individual and not someone towing the party line. Much of the party line is in my opinion little different than that of the Democratic Party, just dressed up differently and serving a different crowd. But it is my tax dollars they are serving and they are serving them without my permission or that of others like myself, and so I find the individual perspective refreshing.

As for Jeb Bush’s response to Trump’s comment about his brother, former President George Bush, I don’t think such statements as that of Trump’s are avoidable and in fact may even be necessary. The Bush family has had an almost dynastic presence in the White House and that puts Jeb’s brother into play in my opinion. I am somewhat of a fan of George Bush Sr., so maybe I’m a bit biased in that regard, though.

I believe there is something to be said regarding Trump’s comment that he has only spent a few million on the campaign while others have spent tens and or hundreds of millions of dollars. It demonstrates an exceptionally effective use of the media in an age where the media are everywhere.

Trump won the debate without anybody else’s help and he won it hands down. I think that says something.

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