William Thien

Sigmund Freud and Sharia Law

Posted on: February 20, 2016

I will keep this as brief as possible even though it is a rather lengthy subject.

Ever since I wrote the essay to be found here on this web site titled “IS THERE A NATURAL ORDER AMONGST THE SEXES?,” the feminists have really laid it on! I don’t think I can enumerate how many names feminists have called me and how often they have made disparaging remarks about me just in the last year and how many smear campaigns I’ve had to extricate myself from. Yet, I stand here today to tell you this story.

Knowing my position on many issues I am often approached and taunted by women and feminists about political matters in general. They will try to corner me on an issue just about anywhere, in public, at work, on the road with signs and bumper stickers and the like. What I’ve discovered is that there is clearly a feminist underground and they can be quite offensive in a physical sense, chasing you down the road, making false accusations, libeling you in public, you name it. They have the bully pulpit. If you defend yourself either verbally or god forbid, physically, they cry wolf and the constabulary buys it like a cheap Chinese suit. It’s almost like men have to just sit there and take it. It has gotten out of hand in my opinion, the united feminist front gag order on men.

I’ve been meaning to elaborate on this to you, but a while back one feminist cornered me when I was out with friends. I don’t know who invited her. After talking with me and the others for some time the issue of sharia law came up. If you don’t know what sharia law is, sharia law is a very strict legal code used by Muslim Clergy and aristocracies in the most devout Muslim countries. If you have heard of someone being beheaded or stoned to death, it is from the sharia where those forms of punishment originate.

As I mentioned, we were not alone and we were having one of those wandering, alcohol lubricated conversations when someone in the group piped in that sharia law was a form of religious insanity. Comments were made by others that sharia law certainly puts a halt to some types of behavior due to the severe nature of the punishment. Others said they couldn’t live in any country that endorsed that type of legal system.

The feminist, and this is crucial as you will later see, the feminist said she was entirely against chopping someone’s hand off for stealing or stoning a woman to death for committing adultery, two common punishments of the sharia. Another person in the group chimed in, “you don’t think it’s ok to remove a limb as a form of punishment?” Playing the devil’s advocate, he was. “Absolutely not!” The feminist growled. She was quite convincing, having practiced the look on her face for some time, I concluded.

The conversation focused on some of the more gruesome displays of sharia law and eventually the subject wandered off of sharia law and on to another subject, that of rape.

I don’t know how we got there, but there we were a group of men and women talking about the horrors of rape. Perhaps it was the feminist who led the conversation there as it is an issue feminists seem to focus on quite a bit. It is a sensitive issue to them and I would not disagree.

So there we were talking about rape and how horrible it was and we all agreed that it was a horrible, violent act.

We also talked about whether women could commit rape. The feminist opposed that viewpoint. She acted as if she seemed to believe that only men could truly commit sexually violent acts, rape and so forth, that it was really the privy of masculine behavior to commit such atrocities. This was a default position on her point and disagreement was clearly not allowed.

Nobody really disagreed with the feminist and she displayed a smug look on her face at that point as if she had won some eternal debate as an advocate for women for all time, whether they are right or wrong, you know, the sugar and spice and everything nice stuff, only the adult version.

The subject of how men should be punished for rape came up and maybe it was the truth serum that is alcohol upon which the feminist stumbled because she immediately snapped, “They should have their manhood chopped off!”

When only moments before we’d all pretty much agreed that removing a body part as a form of punishment meted out by sharia law was too severe a punishment for committing a crime, and stoning a woman to death was too severe for committing adultery, the feminist immediately offered castration as a form of punishment for rape, the removal of a male body part. She was in fact adamant in her tone and convinced that castration was the only suitable punishment.

Luckily for me, after immediately thinking of Sigmund Freud, I didn’t have to say anything because another brave fellow in the group immediately responded, “Hold it, just a minute ago you were against removing a body part as a form of punishment but suddenly when the subject of rape or adultery comes up, it’s ok to chop a man’s manhood off. Sounds kind of hypocritical!” And he was right. In that context it did sound hypocritical. A look of recognition of that fact appeared on everyone’s face, the women included. The women in the group kind of laughed it off and the men caught each other’s eye for a moment as they realized the subtle double standard that is feminism.

Realizing she’d dismantled her entire feminist platform in that one ridiculous exclamation, the feminist then got a glazed look in her eyes, hauled back and then hunched over and began vomiting quite violently at the side of the table right in front of all of us. A wide spigot of bright red wine and crackers spewed out of her gaping mouth on to the floor and we all repelled for cover in disbelief, grimacing at her as she convulsed in pain, a froth of stomach acid foaming out of the corner her mouth once she’d expelled all of the wine and appetizers.

When she’d finished she looked up at everyone and wiped her mouth with a napkin. Others in the establishment were looking at us in disbelief and quietly rumbling beneath their breath.

Nobody in our group said a word.

All I could think of was how sorry I felt for the feminist. Then I remembered what she was up to and what she was trying to do to men and that thought left my mind rather quickly as reality set in.

I was still thinking a bit about Sigmund Freud and I wanted to make the connection for everyone at the table yet I refrained because the other guy basically did that for me when he called the feminist out on her hypocrisy.

Then another thought came to mind, a quote I had heard a while back which I at one time attributed to Ben Franklin, but I can’t be sure any longer. Maybe you know it:

“Envy is the seed of hatred.”

I recall thinking also how sweet the wine was that night and how well it went down so I reached over and filled my glass once again.

Copyright © William Thien 2016

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