William Thien

An Observation on The Presidential Primaries to date

Posted on: February 23, 2016

I doubt anyone would disagree that the current presidential primaries are exceptionally uncharacteristic of recent (the last fifty years perhaps), previous primaries and there can be no question that the expectations of the electorate are substantially and drastically different than during prior primaries.

I do not refer here to the ethnic or gender makeup of the candidates but rather their political persuasion, a more elemental political attribute.

Clearly the expectations of the electorate have taken a new direction with conservatives looking for a candidate that is party atypical while liberals have introduced an elementally more socialist candidate into the mix with both candidates doing quite well.

Ultimately what remains to be seen is if one or the other will have any effect on the political process whatsoever and the condition of the country.

If it is the case that real change follows with the election of one or the other, then the electorate will have achieved its goal because the numbers are so obviously in favor of change. If is not the case that real change follows, then what remains to be seen is if the country will choose another, perhaps less democratic method to bring about the desired change.

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