William Thien

Feminism vs. The She-conomy

Posted on: February 23, 2016

Up until now the majority of one presidential candidate’s platform has been feminist issues and very little other platform material. The candidate opens with feminist statements in debates and nods in approval when one of the true believers poses a question regarding feminist issues. The candidate says women have it pretty rough in America with pay inequality and fewer prospects for jobs. I might agree that at one time things were unequal but that was due more to the nature of the human condition than to some arbitrary set of rules imposed by society.

This web site here http://she-conomy.com/facts-on-women suggests things aren’t so bleak.

Did you know women control close to 80 percent of the spending money in this country and senior women control three-fourths of the nation’s wealth? I don’t get it. If women control 80 percent of the spending money and three-fourths of the nation’s wealth, how can things be so bad for women? It doesn’t add up. In my opinion it is testament to the economic prowess of American women. So why all of the feminist caterwauling all of the time about income inequality, the remarks at work, the pandering in the media, the misrepresentation of gender facts in politics? Is there something else going on in America?

Check this web site out. These people make their living knowing who has money to spend and who doesn’t: http://she-conomy.com/facts-on-women


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