William Thien

Is Feminism Akin To Communism? Or Vice Versa?

Posted on: February 26, 2016

For a long time I have believed there is some subtle although expensive connection between feminism and socialism/communism. If you look at the numbers, if you consider that most of the wealth distributed through social programs goes to women and that most of the legal activity resulting from federal programs designed to modify contemporary American society is used to cover programs used by women, there can be no question that there is a connection.

But do we really want to just boil it all down to the facts? People are always asking me to provide examples and facts but facts don’t always show the whole picture.

Here is an interesting story that supports those numbers and is in my opinion enough to demonstrate the connection between feminism and communism or socialism.

Last week we had a primary election here where I reside to replace a judge on the State Supreme Court. There were three candidates on the ballot, what is considered a conservative candidate and two candidates that are considered liberal. I won’t tell you yet the gender composition of the candidates or the racial composition until I tell you who I voted for.

I voted for the conservative. You might think that the conservative was the male candidate as it would seem there are more male conservative candidates in any election than female, and you’d be right actually, but that was not the case this time. The conservative option was a lady. The other two candidates, an African-American male and a white female are both liberals. So there were two white females on the ballot, one a conservative and the other a liberal, and an African-American male, also a liberal.

But that’s not the most interesting aspect of this little episode in politics. Confirmation of what I always thought was a connection between feminism and socialism/communism came in the form of a question from a female associate who asked me who I voted for, “did you vote for the male or the female?” I’m thinking, what difference should that make? The question demonstrated an obvious display of pure sexism on her part. But reverse-sexism is OK in the eyes of a feminist, even though reverse-sexism is really just plain old sexism, even if it’s in the reverse. Reversing it doesn’t mitigate its significance. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I voted for the lady, I replied. “Well good, you voted for ‘so and so’.” She was assuming I had voted for the liberal female and was angered when I said I voted for the conservative female.

She had always said I should vote for females too so they’d get their fair shake. But when I did, that wasn’t good enough. I had to vote for the liberal female as well. So I couldn’t satisfy the feminine political question by simply voting for a lady, I had to vote for the socialist lady as well, otherwise my vote was a vote for “the enemy.”

Hence, the connection between feminism and socialism isn’t just a fleeting and unavoidable one. There is a clear drive by feminists to also socialize the country. That’s how feminists obtain their “independence.” By strapping the rest of the country with their bills. That’s feminist independence today. Socialism. Maybe not fifty years ago when feminists merely wanted to leave the house and go to work, but it sure seems that’s what it is today. Now it ain’t all hi-highfalutin or real scientific like, but sometimes its best to go by instinct. I think this is one of those times.

There is something akin to communism in today’s brand of feminism and it is not just the numbers that tell the whole story.

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