William Thien

Apple vs. The FBI Part II

Posted on: March 6, 2016

At this point I am not quite certain where I come down on this matter, whether I side completely with Apple or The FBI. As you know, I believe there are other, greater matters of this vein that are being sidelined during the confrontation. It is likely that I will not side 100 percent with one or the other, though I have the highest respect for both, most of the time.

I will say this. The phone in question was used in a crime, so that changes the status of its physicality in relation to the law. I would offer more insight on that but I don’t want to make anyone’s case, one side or the other because I believe this episode in our country’s technological development will have lasting consequences and the country can truly benefit from such a debate if the public is kept substantively apprised.

I will also say that The FBI has been rather agreeable and professional on the matter when it has other options. Though the country has not “declared” war on any particular terrorist group in the sense of The War Powers Act or any other such overarching law, we can all agree that the country is and has been on a war footing for some time, approaching two decades, and there are particular laws that would enable The FBI to force Apple to comply. In that sense it is clearly visible that The FBI has been very civil and has publicly demonstrated complete and utter care and concern for one of America’s greatest corporate citizens even when given the nature of the evidence that may not be entirely necessary.

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