William Thien

Voter ID and Why it is Important

Posted on: March 6, 2016

With the presidential election not so far off the subject of Voter ID is coming up again. During my last statewide election I was required to show a picture ID There is a lot of support for Voter ID and a lot of disdain.

Here is why I favor Voter ID.

Were the country’s borders not so porous and were the U.S. Census accurate to within +/- 1 or 2 percent (the claimed level but many authorities disagree), then I would think voter ID was probably overkill and unnecessary.

But the country’s borders are extremely porous and the U.S. Census is not all that accurate, particularly for renters and for those counts in those states in the desert southwest. Other groups indigenous and otherwise have also been historically miscounted during the census.

With several recent national elections going to recounts due to close tallies, I have to conclude that Voter ID is advisable.

If you don’t know who is voting, if you don’t know who resides in your country by total numbers, and if you do not know the potential number of total voters you cannot control the accuracy of an election, plain and simple.

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