William Thien

Apple vs. The FBI Part III

Posted on: March 7, 2016

If all it takes is ten invalid attempts to break into the screen lock to destroy all of the data on an Apple IPhone, then I’d hate to think of all of the people who have their Apple IPhone data destroyed once someone who wants to get even with them attempts to log in ten times on their cell phone simply just to destroy the data they have gathered, data they have gathered perhaps for years.

If an angry wife wants to see if her husband is having an extramarital affair by logging in to her husband’s cell phone but can’t, but she is convinced he is having an affair anyway, at least she can destroy the interloper’s contact information and everything on the phone, the skinny pics from the motel, the saucy text messages that keep the tryst going, after only ten attempts at logging in to the phone. She can wipe her husband’s affair away with just a few errant keystrokes while he is in the shower before going off to work in the morning. It would seem to me that would be the more common loss and perhaps a design flaw of the operating system since it is so easy to destroy everything. Imagine having to reconstruct your list of contacts and all of the photos you took with the phone. Not going to happen.

Why, that %*%#^! I never thought she would do it! Grounds for divorce?

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