William Thien

On Apple vs. The FBI Part IV. Oh, The Hypocrisy!

Posted on: March 11, 2016

I won’t say that I predicted the government’s response to Apple in this matter with my three previous observations. I will say I “anticipated” the DOJ’s response. I stated that I believe The FBI has handled the matter in a rather civil fashion and with a certain degree of professionalism.

In a recent article on Reuters it is mentioned that Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have all filed legal briefs in support of Apple vs. The United States on the matter. They appear to want to protect the privacy of their users.

Google, Facebook, and to a much lesser extent Microsoft obtain huge portions of their revenue from selling the very information they collect on their users. So, in one action they say they want to protect the right of Apple to seal the information on a terrorist’s cell phone while all the time they are collecting information on you and I and selling it wholesale, all day long, as if it meant nothing to us.

For some time I have been saying that to me this is the greater evil, the larger invasion of privacy, a corporate blanket search warrant into your homes and cell phones that reveals the user’s private information to any and all who wish to see it, for a price of course. In my opinion this is the largest source of identity theft, facilitated by much of corporate America.

I don’t want to say I predicted the government’s response. Let’s just say I “anticipated” it.

Apple says they are willing to take the matter to The Supreme Court. In my opinion, there is another court to which the interested parties would rather the matter not come before and that is the court of public opinion.

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