William Thien

An Observation on Fairness and The Republican Party Pledge

Posted on: March 18, 2016

Early on in this primary season the Republican Party made Donald Trump sign a Loyalty Pledge that he would support the party’s nominee in this year’s general election while none of the other candidates have had to demonstrate the same loyalty and have in fact swarmed Trump with the sole objective to ruin his chances of being that very nominee.

Now, I am not the biggest fan of everything Trump says, but much of his message makes a lot of sense, particularly with regard to certain trade arrangements and American industry. Yes, Trump has said some things that some may not like. But he has also made some important, significant observations, things nobody else is saying that definitely need to be said and discussed by the country’s leadership, which seems to want to avoid all the time the difficult issues, particularly those that directly address circumstances faced by the middle classes. Trump meets those issues head on such as the need to bring America’s industrial production back to historic levels. That is a significant issue. It is huge, but you don’t hear the other candidates talking about it at all. The presumed opponent is married to a man who systematically deconstructed American industry through ratification of NAFTA and granting China Most Favored Nation trading status.

There are questions as to whether Trump can accomplish what he promises. But what politician going to Washington ever does really? And that’s not what this observation is about.

If the party forces Trump to pledge a loyalty oath to support the nominee in the next general election, I think it is only fair that the party enforce the same measures with all of the other candidates, and the leadership of the party should not in clear and unequivocal coordination attempt to undermine Trump’s efforts at becoming the nominee. He made the pledge. Therefor he is entitled to equal treatment. Why else would there be a pledge in the first place?

The general fear that Trump’s candidacy will somehow undermine the position of the Republican party is really the party’s fear of admitting that it is soon to reap what it has for so long sown, discontent.

It’s a matter of fairness and that’s what the pledge was all about, fairness. If the pledge was really a mechanism to silence Trump, well then it is no wonder he is doing so well in the polls. It’s an indication the party has been trying to silence its constituency for far too long.

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1 Response to "An Observation on Fairness and The Republican Party Pledge"

I don’t like Trump myself but you have a valid point: what’s fair is fair for all concerned.

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