William Thien

On Trump’s Treatment of Women

Posted on: March 26, 2016

Trump’s treatment of women is a byproduct of the feminist movement itself that seeks in all ways and places to be considered “equal.”

Yet, when Trump treats a woman publicly like he treats men, women form a united front and scream bloody murder as if his behavior is unacceptable. To me this is a prime example of the duplicitous behavior of feminists that want to be rough and tumble in the work place and outside of the house but then file a complaint when things get rough and tumble.

Nobody likes it when women they know are treated that way, but the duplicitous, two-faced approach of feminism is exactly why women face the difficulties they claim to face in the workplace. The feminist movement has opened the door to that type of behavior. Feminism’s false platform is the source of the contemporary female condition.

Given that context, Trump is doing nothing wrong.

Note: If you examine the statistical information on this page http://she-conomy.com/report/marketing-to-women-quick-facts you will see that women actually don’t have it as bad as you would conclude after hearing all the caterwauling coming from the feminists. Women in fact control most of the country’s wealth and at times exceed men numerically in the workplace.

But, women also receive most of the funds distributed under social welfare programs in this country and this is why I have publicly inquired if feminism is akin to socialism and if feminist independence is directly tied to a socialist redistribution of tax dollars? The answer to that question is of course a distinct, YES.

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