William Thien

Trump, The Republican Party Pledge, and Campaign Promises

Posted on: March 26, 2016

To me the organized party establishment effort to push Donald Trump out of the leading position as the potential nominee of the Republican Party is a revealing phenomenon. After forcing Trump to pledge his allegiance to the Republican Party, the party has all but pulled the rug out from under his feet. Yet, there Trump stands with the most solid position of them all.

Obviously, even if the party establishment does not want Trump to receive the nomination, the constituency holds a different sentiment. Trump is the front runner for a reason. Imagine where he would be with the political support of the party that forced him to pledge his allegiance to the party in the first place!

Ultimately, it is as if the party has broken its pledge while Trump has kept his. What the Republican Party has done to Trump is not unlike the politician that makes elaborate promises during the campaign and forgets about the promises when in office, becoming aloof, unresponsive, and contrary until campaign time approaches once again.

We all know what that is like.

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