William Thien

On Trump’s Treatment of Women Part II

Posted on: March 28, 2016

Today the radio pundits are whining rather thoroughly about Trump’s treatment of women and Trump’s response to the jabs and taunting of ALL of the other candidates which have focused their attacks in a coordinated effort on Trump with the direct aid of the party, since of course Trump is in the leading position at about one percent of the advertising costs of all of the other candidates’ campaigns.

To me the origin of all of this negative publicity is the mere fact that Trump isn’t spending hundreds of millions of dollars on campaign advertising, having spent only a few million so far rather than the other candidates which are showering the media outlets with cash.

Trump has the ability to obtain the publicity he needs without buying the media off, which is of course what the other candidates are doing. That of course affects the bottom lines of all of the radio stations where the pundits work. Yes, the real reason the pundits are screaming fanatically about Trump isn’t because he responded negatively to the comments made about his wife and the revealing pictures displayed online of his wife, the pundits are starving for campaign cash from the Trump camp.

Such negative campaigns are a historical fact in The United States going back to Adams and before. It’s just now a candidate, Trump in this case, has been able to maintain the focus without pouring all of that cash into the media coffers.

Or, it could just be that the radio pundits’ wives are withholding affection from the pundits who publicly express their support for Trump because the feminist plan is to vote for Hillary and so the pundits are pandering, which is of course all the more reason to vote for Trump.

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