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Trump, Kasich, Sanders. WTF?! Really? Yeah, Really!

Posted on: March 30, 2016

It is my opinion that the three candidates of significant merit remaining in the presidential race, on both sides of the aisle, are Trump, Kasich, and Sanders.

With that said, using the process of elimination with those three, I would have to say that I like Kasich quite a bit but the problem is that he doesn’t seem to have the proper attitude to shift the country back in the direction that I think is necessary. He offers an excellent political skillset, but that’s the problem, he is a “politician” and we have those already. In fact they are everywhere. He would make an excellent administrator at the national level, but it is not just the administration of the country that I believe needs attention. The country has moved drastically to the left, so much so that most Republican candidates are actually center and left of center, fearful of the socialist vote and so they’ve begun pandering.

Sanders has some interesting ideas. Though he calls himself a Democratic Socialist, I believe his strongest suit would be that of a regulator, which does not directly connote “socialism,” regulating the behaviors of particular  corporations that have lobbied their way into legal immunity while committing widespread fraud upon the country. There are still large numbers of people drastically effected by the gradually more frequent financial meltdowns this country has been having, rattling financial markets with aftershock after aftershock after aftershock, halving retirement savings and displacing people from their homes. Those matters must be addressed without delay. Sanders has focused on those issues and in my opinion done an excellent job elaborating his plan to bring change, that is if it is possible.

His opponent on the same side of the aisle, Hillary Clinton, does not seem to have any platform that I can pick out aside from “I am woman, hear me roar.” To that I say, women control the vast majority of the wealth in this country and from time to time are working more than men. So, what’s all the noise about? Besides, she was married to Bill Clinton who deconstructed US industry by ratifying NAFTA and granting China MFN. She supported those actions. Seeing what those legislative actions have done to US industry, well by now she should have divorced him for that alone. She hasn’t. So, that leaves Bernie Sanders on that side of the aisle.

Trump clearly has the proper attitude. He is saying almost all of the right things regarding returning US Industry to its historical levels. And that’s primarily what I am looking at as I prepare to vote in this election. Who is going to bring back American industry? I don’t really care about all of the name calling, what the mainstream media and particularly what the media that panders to women seems to be focusing on. To me that is meaningless. Negative campaigns are a historical fact in this country.

The establishment is swarming Trump also and I think that’s an indication of the fact that they fear real change with the inauguration of Trump. In my opinion, that’s a good thing. As a single person with no children and no property, I am taxed massively while someone who makes the same amount of money as I do but has children and owns a house is given a tax refund many, many thousands of dollars more than mine, yet they use more government services. That’s unfair, drastically unfair, parasitic, and  foolish tax policy. Why should people with no children pay to raise those of others? That is real socialism. If you saw what someone who has four children and who makes the same amount of money as I do and owns a house gets on their return, most would take it one step further and say, “that ain’t socialism, Billy, you got that all wrong, that’s communism. Yuz gettin screwed by a bunch a communists. Thing is, they don’t even know thats what they is! They oughtta be a votin test or sompthin!”

Actually, I was the first one to point that out. But thanks for the vote of confidence.

Though I like all three, at this point, for me its Trump, Kasich, and Sanders with Trump in the lead by a almost the entire track. Were there an amalgam of all three, I might vote for that candidate.

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1 Response to "Trump, Kasich, Sanders. WTF?! Really? Yeah, Really!"

Interesting comments. I think they have figured a way to have socialism / communism without taking your property. They just tax and regulate it to death. Like you said in the post, they are all politicians except Trump. What we need to call a wall at the southern boarder is a public works project. Build it to carry water and transportation from the West coast to the Gulf. Throw in some wind turbines and solar panels to generate power and help fund it for the future maint. This would create a barrier and would employ people on both sides of the boarder.
How could anyone do worst than the Clinton’s and President Obama, so vote for Trump. The bar is set pretty low already. Name one of these other candidates that generated the jobs and wealth that Trump has done.

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