William Thien

Is it Time for an New Amendment that Governs “The Media?”

Posted on: April 10, 2016

As I writer I understand the depth and significance of the ‘freedom of speech’ clause in The US Constitution rather plainly.

No where does it say that members of the media can follow citizens around in real-time and collect information about citizens in real-time or monitor their internet activity (as a contemporary example). No where does it say the media can take physical action of any kind or harass, but that is exactly what the media does.

You see that type of behavior quite frequently today as the media becomes more tabloid in format, behavior such as character assassination if you are running for office and don’t buy lots of ad space like your competition, following subjects around in cars if they have an interesting life (public persons) or are trying to bring some form of social change, none of it having anything to do with actual “press” activity but rather more often than not corporate activity to achieve ratings. Simply because you step outside your door does not entitle some media corporation a full invasion of your privacy for the sake of ratings, whether you are a public person or not.

The Supreme Court has examined the matter somewhat from time to time and has fallen in favor of corporatized media intrusiveness. But the Supreme Court has also ruled that money is speech. Money is not speech. Clearly The Supreme Court has a twisted sense of the matter and is likely somewhat derelict.

It could be that members of The Supreme Court are themselves afraid of the media, a powerful and seemingly uncontrolled institution in contemporary society to which we are clearly meant all to live in fear of, as the media plays the moralist, selectively of course.

If we are living in fear of anything, the government, gangs, whatever, the only entity that exists today which is given a clear mandate and a protection to spread fear is the media, we are told by the media. That protection, the media claim, is called The First Amendment, which is of course a false, self-serving interpretation.

Maybe it is time for a new amendment to the constitution that governs how the media (no longer “the press” to which The First Amendment refers, now something more complex and all-encompassing), maybe it is time for a new amendment that governs how the contemporary, intrusive, parasitic corporate media behaves.

Yes, I think it is.

Copyright © William Thien 2016


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