William Thien

An Observation on Corporations as “People”

Posted on: May 17, 2016

During the previous presidential election cycle Mitt Romney made the remark that corporations are “people.” This was a surprise to many in the public, but it is true. From the standpoint of the tax code and corporate law, corporations are treated as people.

As a staunch conservative and a recent graduate of one of the most prestigious MBA programs in the country I probably shouldn’t say this, but the problem with “corporations as people” is that the “people” many corporations portray are bullies and sociopaths and those corporate “people” often display the most anti-social, psychopathic behaviors, demonstrating complete disregard for the environment or treating The American Public and employees like chattel.

I think the big disconnect when it comes to understanding that corporations are treated like “people” by the law arises when there is the realization that were certain corporations truly “people,” those figurative corporate-people would be locked up or worse, dead by now were those corporations truly, really “people.”

I should also state here that I am not calling for any generalized reform. I think the system of regulation works quite well in most cases. I am merely explaining the motivation of a particular group of voters during this presidential election cycle.

To me this is one reason Bernie Sanders is doing so well against Hillary Clinton. His followers have reached a similar conclusion.

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