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What Do YOU Call Yourselves?

Posted on: May 31, 2016

This evening a particular news broadcast on PBS attempted to address what some are calling negative stereotyping of “Hispanics” in America as a result of The Trump campaign.

After the piece concluded you would think that Hispanics are all little angels and the economy could not run without them. That may or may not be true. But that’s not what this observation is about.

During the newscast former Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros was interviewed and he referred to Hispanics as “Latinos.” A businessman named Trujillo was also interviewed and he used different language.

After the news piece concluded the PBS Newshour used different language, referring to Latinos as “Hispanics.”

Trump, who started this entire dialogue if you want to call it that, was speaking expressly about “Mexicans” if I’m not mistaken, not the broader and less defined category of “Hispanics” or “Latinos.” Trump’s comments early on in his campaign were directed at illegal aliens crossing the border from Mexico.

You would conclude after listening to Cisneros and Trujillo on the Newshour that Trump had directed his commentary at all those who speak Spanish, but I don’t think that’s the case actually, though it was clear that Cisneros and Trujillo would rather it appeared that way.

Trump was referring specifically to large numbers of gang members and criminals originating from Mexico and bringing drugs and crime to America and crossing the border at leisure.

That’s what Trump is referring to in his comments. That’s what the wall he will be building is meant to address,  if I’m not mistaken. I keep saying “if I’m not mistaken” because it seems to me now that massive attempts are being made to muddy the waters as to what Trump is referring to in his comments and it is clear to me that Trump is referring to gang members and criminals originating from Mexico, not “Hispanics” and “Latinos” as the cited experts Cisneros and Trujillo would have us believe.

Anyone who has seen movies coming out of Hollywood can attest to the romanticized criminal lifestyles of “Hispanic” and “Latino” (or maybe they are Mexican) drug cartels illustrated in Hollywood movies, movies often directed, produced, or written by “Hispanics,” “Latinos,” and or “Mexicans” about how romantic their criminal lifestyles actually are and designed in my opinion to spread fear in the American public about such cartels. Maybe that was what Trump is referring to in his comments, the fear.

Maybe what Trump is referring to in his comments is based entirely on what he sees in Hollywood movies.

Or maybe what Trump is referring to are the huge numbers of drug murders, tens of thousands, south of the border and in the desert southwest of America as well as in your city or American town that has large numbers of Hispanics or Latinos, to which were the country without it was suggested tonight that the economy would collapse, regardless of the direct effect on the quality of American life otherwise, the loss of good paying jobs to illegals that work for cash under the table (like nobody cares) and then don’t pay income taxes but somehow are still eligible for government services (like nobody cares). WTF?

Maybe that’s what Trump was referring to in his comments.

Do ya think? Do you really think that’s what Trump’s comments are all about? Do you really think that? Really?

Hispanic, Latino, or Mexican, then? Which one is it?

Because I do believe there is a problem with the language that was used. I really do believe that. But after hearing the references made by the so-called authorities tonight on Hispanics, Latinos, and of course Mexicans, I’m not so sure the problem is as clearly defined as those who blame Trump for starting the whole thing.

In fact it’s not so clear to me that Trump started the whole thing in the first place.

Copyright © William Thien 2016

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