William Thien

An Observation on the Violence at Trump Rallies

Posted on: June 6, 2016

We have been hearing an awful lot about violence at Trump rallies in the media lately and it is concerning. Early on fights began inside the Trump rallies and people were ejected. Now, Trump supporters are being attacked by mobs of protesters and thugs as supporters move to and from the rallies.

I have even seen online employment listings offering protesters $15 per hour to protest at Trump rallies.

The media and pundits have been suggesting the reasons for the attacks are because of Trump’s rhetoric. To a certain extent (aside from the fact that free speech is still allowed in this country) there may be some truth to that.

But it is my opinion that the violence is due to something else entirely. I think a certain portion of the population, particularly the middle class, is overly frustrated at their quality of life, one which they see rapidly deteriorating while nothing is done about it, while they are replaced by workers entering the country either illegally or on H-1B visas to work at half the displaced employee’s wages, not to mention that the country is not being well-managed from a number of perspectives, something not entirely the fault of the current administration but rather an organized effort originating from both major political parties for several decades if not longer.

All of the aforementioned frustration is manifesting itself at Trump rallies because Trump seems poised to do something about the frustration. Trump seems poised to do something about the frustration in a major and substantive way. It’s not what he says. It’s what the thugs fear he will do.

And the thugs are unfairly targeting and attacking Trump supporters.

Trump supporters are and have been for some time desperately looking for someone who won’t lie to them and undermine their existence anymore by importing foreign workers, for example.

That is what the violence is all about.

To say that the violence at Trump rallies is all about what Trump says or has said at his rallies is to diminish the true significance of why Trump is so popular in the first place.

There are major social and economic problems in this country. That is what the violence at Trump rallies is all about.

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