William Thien

The Systematic Erosion of The Constitution

Posted on: June 17, 2016

Lately we have heard from the current administration as well as Hillary Clinton, The Democratic Party presidential nominee, that to ban all Muslims from entry into The United States, a Trump proposal, would signify that the terrorists have won. Personally, I think that Trump’s proposal is a bit extreme.

But Trump’s proposal is nowhere nearly as extreme as curtailing the constitutional rights of American citizens by banning firearms. And he did say “until we can figure out what is happening.” There is in fact no comparison whatsoever between Trump’s proposal and what Democratic leadership is proposing. None!

Here is why. Banning Muslim entry into The United States is an act upon non-citizens.

Banning a constitutional right is an act upon the citizenry. The laws were written for US Citizens, not foreigners!

Banning the ownership and use of firearms, involves the reconfiguration of the framework and the foundation of this country’s constitution while the other what is most likely a temporary hold on immigration.

I do not say here that I support a ban on Muslim entry into The United States. But the mere juxtaposition by Democrats of such an action next to the massively extreme and fundamentally significant act of altering the very foundation of The US Constitution indicates that either The Democratic Party is a facade for some other political entity or that members of that party don’t have any idea what they are working with when it comes to The US Constitution.

On one hand you have what is likely a temporary hold in Muslim immigration and on the other you have a permanent and massively significant change to the constitution that will not only remove a constitutional right from the citizens of this country but will also permanently alter the entire construction and complexion of The United States itself.

The terrorists may have won, as has been suggested, if there is a temporary ban on Muslim entry into The United States, but they will have merely won a small skirmish in what some see as a larger holy war. If we change the constitution as Democrats propose and begin banning generally used firearms or the use of firearms altogether, the terrorists will not have just won a small skirmish but will be much closer to winning the entire war itself.

The thing of it is, most of this rhetoric is coming from politicians that were attorneys first, one of them a specialist in Constitutional Law no less. You would think they were be able to make the distinction between the significance of banning the entry of certain immigrants into the country and taking away a constitutional right from citizens of this country. The two actions are massively and significantly different on every level.

Unless you are totally ignorant of the country’s history, it makes you ask if there is something else happening, if you know what I mean.

Copyright © William Thien 2016

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