William Thien

My Purposefully Delayed Response to The Orlando Massacre

Posted on: June 25, 2016

Before you read this, let me state that I do not have faith in most political polling and political polls in general. Polling can be used to sway an election or cover up facts. As an example, all polling of the pre-Brexit vote indicated a massive landslide in favor of remaining in The EU. Look at what has happened instead. I do not say completely disregard political polling, rather examine the results carefully. 

Now that the dust has settled and the media have completed their feast of the massacre in Orlando, I had an observation or two regarding what occurred directly afterward.

Within a day the Clinton campaign instituted massive damage control efforts.

“Damage control efforts by the Clinton campaign, what are you talking about, Bill?”

Within a day the media began spinning a myth that Hillary Clinton was suddenly way out in front in the polls after the massacre when just a day before things were neck and neck between her and Trump. The polls quoted were obscure, unscientific, and the intended outcome was not so obvious. Permit me to explain.

It was reported that the shooter had pledged allegiance to IS, ISIL or whatever they are being called today by the establishment.

Donald Trump had been calling on a complete ban on entry into The United States by all Muslims “until we can get this thing figured out,” he said. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, had been saying such an idea was nonsense. Personally I believe it may be a bit extreme.

But the first thought that crossed the minds of many Americans after it was revealed that the shooter had pledged allegiance to ISIS during a 911 call was, ‘Huh, maybe Trump is right about a temporary ban on Muslim entry into The United States.’ Because of the massacre and the shooters 911 call pledging allegiance to ISIS many of the naysayers and the undecideds regarding Trump’s ban on Muslim entry into The United States had suddenly had their minds made up for them.

‘Huh, maybe Trump is right about a temporary ban on Muslim entry into The United States.’

You know that’s what many Americans were thinking. I know it and so do the media and the Clinton campaign.

This explains the massive spin efforts following the massacre to include the results of polls showing Hillary Clinton suddenly in the lead and the redaction by federal officials of the 911 call the shooter made, which was later cancelled and the full transcripts made public because of pressure from Republicans and various advocacy groups. At first we were told that the 911 call was edited because we didn’t want to lend credence to Islamic terrorist organizations, in so many words. But as you will see, the real reason was political.

Essentially, knowing that Trump’s comments about banning Muslim entry into The USA, which had been vilified by the opposition, would now be almost completely vindicated following the massacre, knowing this, something had to be done. A deception had to occur immediately. The wool had to be pulled over the public’s eyes. And who better to pull the wool over the public’s eyes than the media, a rather willing accomplice wouldn’t you say?

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