William Thien

The Nationalist vs. The Globalist

Posted on: July 1, 2016

I have reached the conclusion that Hillary will as she has said a number of times continue with policy that parallels the current administration. She is also married to Bill Clinton who during his administration ratified NAFTA and granted China Most Favored Nation trading status, or MFN.

It was also during the Clinton administration that the push to provide tax incentives for off-shoring found its fullest momentum. Hillary’s remarks about a continuance of policy and the aforementioned associations suggest Hillary will be a “Globalist” as that is the result of negotiating international trade deals and legislating tax breaks for the offshoring of industrial production.

I have written previously that through the ratification of NAFTA and by granting China MFN, Bill Clinton actually went to the end of the US assembly line and threw the switch, shutting down the American assembly line in many respects, perhaps for good.

Trump on the other hand has suggested numerous times that he will rip up NAFTA and attempt to re-write trade deals that he and most of the middle classes in America agree are unfair to The US and US workers. That makes Trump a “Nationalist,” which the media has been “labeling” him rather frequently, almost as if favoring their own audience is a bad thing.

Globalism is not unsound policy. But globalism favors primarily corporate interests. Nationalism on the other hand favors the wage earner and the working stiff.

So the choice is clear. Will you vote for the Nationalist or The Globalist?

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