William Thien

Is it Time to Curtail The Media?

Posted on: July 22, 2016

When we consider the world Orwell described in 1984 we think of big government and the stifling oppression associated with it. Unless you read well into it, that’s kind of how it reads. I’ve mentioned previously that I believe Orwell’s tale didn’t quite describe the actual intrusiveness of the television and that it’s a convenient diversion for the contemporary electronic and broadcast media to suggest that all intrusion originates from big government and focus on such government behavior when in fact it is the media that drives most such intrusion and it is the media that truly has the manpower and resources to behave in such a manner. Why, because the media profit so thoroughly from the foibles and tragedies of mankind that it must. That’s how the media is designed. As they say in the media, “if it bleeds, it leads.” The public is fodder for the media. The public is the greatest source of media profiteering.

Simply because you’ve stepped outside of your house, the media can begin to photograph you, follow you, build a file even. It’s all fairly legal. They can even create situations whereby you might find yourself angered or wounded socially in public and then report on it. It’s a form of “news making.” The more ethical news conglomerates don’t utilize such methods but sooner or later, they are all sharing files and footage anyway to keep up with ratings.

We are all concerned about big government intrusion when in fact maybe we should be just as focused if not more so on big media intrusion. Often one hand feeds the other.

Maybe it is time to curtail media behavior and activity through legislation. The media as an industry are way more intrusive and divisive than any government behavior, in this country anyway. As I said before, one hand, that of big government, often feeds the other, that of the media. If we want to curtail big government intrusiveness, maybe we should turn our focus on big media intrusiveness as well.

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