William Thien

The Clintons and Organized Labor

Posted on: August 2, 2016

A friend recently said to me, “you know you favor a candidate that does not favor labor.” The Clintons, they said in so many words, are pro-labor.

I had to laugh. The first Clinton, ole Billy Clinton himself, ratified NAFTA and granted China most favored nation trading status, or MFN after Bush 1, Reagan, and Nixon wouldn’t even do so and they were not even considered pro-labor presidents.

You couldn’t have done more to demolish the position of labor in The U.S. than to facilitate the transfer of jobs outside of The United States through the implementation of NAFTA and Chinese MFN.

The Clintons favor labor? That’s a joke, I said, a joke upon U.S. labor.

Now that could change. But up until now, it hasn’t and she hasn’t said anything that would indicate a reversal to his executive signature.

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