William Thien

Not why but who leaked the DNC emails?

Posted on: August 8, 2016

In chatting with a fellow conservative the other day he brought up the leaked DNC emails where Debbie Wasserman Schultz conspired to undermine the Bernie Sanders campaign, and it was mentioned that there was hope the Russians would release more emails.

I thought about the circumstances for a moment. Like the hack of Sony’s servers in Los Angeles after making the movie “The Interview” where it was determined by computer security experts that the leak probably originated from the wrath of a former employee and not another government, the fellow conservative and I concluded that is probably what happened with the DNC emails. With all of the chicanery going on at the DNC, somebody probably was passed over for a promotion or some position of authority and so they leaked the emails. As in the Sony leak where they tried to blame the disclosure on The North Korean Government, a convenient scapegoat, the DNC wanted to blame their leak on Russia while it was more likely the result of someone being treated poorly by DNC management who still had their password. That is in fact one of the most common sources of corporate leaks.

It could also have been a Sanders true believer who was upset the DNC was undermining the Sander’s campaign. He must have had people working on the inside to achieve what he did.

Any computer security expert will tell you that the first thing you do at a corporation after such an incident is to pay a visit to human resources and ask what personnel changes have occurred prior to the incident and who had access?

To me it is more likely that someone who had inside access is the source of the leaks rather than a convenient foreign government scapegoat. Perhaps with the release of this next batch of emails we will find out who is behind it.

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