William Thien

Change the Channel, Tune it Out, or Turn it Off!

Posted on: August 11, 2016

At one time during the national mainstream news broadcasts yesterday I began cycling through the newscasts and all of them at the very same time where bashing Trump. You would have thought that the guy had already committed mass murder or something. In contrast, you would have thought that Hillary Clinton was a little angel the media B.S. about Trump was so thick. Obviously that is not the case. What’s the difference? Clinton is paying off the media by buying more advertising time and that is all the media do, front for those who give them advertising dollars. That’s how they make their living. It’s a paid choir. It’s pay to play.

So if the media are not singing your tune, if they are out of tune, change the channel, tune it out, or turn it off. Pick up the remote control and turn it off. You don’t need all of that negativity.

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