William Thien

An Observation regarding Term Limits and Party Clones

Posted on: August 17, 2016

I have been hearing a lot lately about term limits for politicians as a major solution for the condition of the country and to a certain extent, I would have to agree. Term limits would provide a bulwark against political entrenchment.

But the question comes to mind, if term limits are indeed implemented, what to do about “party clones,” those that have identical special interest agendas and were it not for a different name and perhaps a different style of suit they work to achieve identical goals? We have often heard pundits say the guy from one party is no different from the guy of another party, another form of political cloning.

A great deal of attention is paid to removal of a particular candidate (term limits) but little if any attention is focused on the party from which the candidate originated which is likely where ideas develop as part of some political ideology.

What’s more dangerous, the candidate, the idea, or the party?

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