William Thien

Not so much what’s different but what’s the same?

Posted on: August 18, 2016

We often examine the differences between the candidates and magnify them or amplify them to make our choice at the ballot box easier, but my previous post briefly touched on political cloning, candidates that appear to be different but have in fact quite the same political composition or agenda, even if they come from different parties.

In the case of the two major candidates in the current presidential election, though at the outset they would appear diametrically opposed in many ways, there is one glaring fact that nobody is really talking about in any measurable way, both candidates are from New York.

Hillary Clinton was a New York Senator, even though she originated from Arkansas (go figure that!), and Donald Trump is of course a New York real estate developer. There is also the fact that one candidate has in the past donated significant amounts of money to the other candidate’s candidacy, but that’s neither here nor there, or is it? They tell us it is neither here nor there, that’s for sure. There are other similarities and or connections, some of them not so obvious. Our media is just being paid not to recognize them, I’m quite certain. The most glaring similarity though in my opinion is that both candidates are from New York.

Something about New York, I guess…or New Yorkers, or…

What’s that you say? We live in a democracy!?

Ah, yes, the illusion of choice and so much more efficiently accomplished this time around.

Democracy?! Really? Where?!

Had me going there for a second.

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