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An Observation on Global Warming and Congress. Global Warming and Congress? Yes, Global Warming and Congress. Oh yeah, and Greed.

Posted on: August 24, 2016

About this time every year there are a number of stories in the mainstream news on a nightly basis regarding fires in the west and desert southwest, with California and Arizona having the largest fires annually that seem to make the news every night.

Also about this time every year there are stories about massive flooding in many parts of the country with entire communities evacuated to the local high school gymnasium or municipal garage for shelter while they wait for the flood waters to recede so they can return to their homes and reconstruct their lives. It is devastating to watch people standing outside of their smoldering homes in tears rummaging through the embers hours after a fire roared through and destroyed their entire community. It is horrible to view the aerial flyover pictures of entire counties of homes, whole portions of an entire state under water after heavy rainfalls which often are not entirely uncharacteristic of weather in that region, where there may even be a recorded history of such rainfall.

Global warming “experts” will say that all of the fires and flooding are the result of global warming, that the drought causing and fueling many of the fires in California is directly related to global warming, that the massive rain events that are destroying homes all across the south and Midwest result from global warming.

I have a different take on what is happening and it isn’t “global warming.”

Since the early 1970’s Congress has legislated a dramatic increase in immigration and earlier than that tax breaks were developed to increase the population such as Child Tax Credits and related deductions.

What is happening is not global warming at all, what is happening is over population. Due to this massive demand for homes created by congressionally driven population increases, America is running out of space to build places for people to live. Homes are being put up where homes should probably not be built, such as in flood plains in the south in states along the Gulf of Mexico and in the west in parts of the desert that are historically prone to raging fires. I was born when the United States had a population between 150 and 200 million people. Since then the population has quite nearly doubled, adding another 130 to 140 million people. Where do you put all of those people? Where do you put 140 million people? They have to have a place to live. Well, developers have been draining flood plains and building homes on desert mountain ridges and selling the view, telling buyers they don’t need flood insurance or insurance to protect them from raging desert mountain wildfires.

What is happening in the case I am discussing is not global warming at all, what is happening is that there is no place to put all of these people and developers in coordination with greedy municipal entities who want to “grow” are building homes in environmental and geographical danger zones and when there are massively catastrophic weather and fire events that wipe out entire communities seemingly on an annual basis in geographically similar locations, disaster assistance is required and the taxpayer is once again on the hook.

Lately people have been saying to me, Bill, you seem really anti-immigrant lately, what’s up? It’s not that at all. Rather, if you are old enough you will remember a book titled The Population Bomb which came out in 1971 and other such writings. One of the focuses of the book was on the environment and where people were going to live, and I believe we see much of what the author predicted now coming true. Some aspects of an exploding population such as how we will feed all of the people we have been able to solve with improvements in agriculture and food processing but there are still other characteristics of an ever-growing population for which there is no real solution, such as where are we going to put all of the these people?

What is happening is that homes are often being erected in areas where it is not advisable in order to make a buck and global warming is merely an excuse for all of the weather catastrophes and fire events we are seeing lately that are impacting those developments.

There is still massive debate as to whether global warming is happening or not. I think it is quite possible that it is, but what is happening in the case of all of the massive flooding in the south and fires in the west on an annual basis has nothing to do with global warming. What is happening there instead is homes are probably being built where they should not be built in order to make a buck. The problem there isn’t global warming at all. The problem there is greed.

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