William Thien

America’s Unfair Tax Code, A Form of Economic Genocide

Posted on: September 16, 2016

From February 6, 2015 but even more poignant now since the tax code hasn’t been mentioned in any measure as far as I can tell during the campaigns. The socialist tax code marginalizes certain groups of people and to me it is little different than a form of genocide. By having to pay for others to fornicate and paying to raise their children my own financial ability to do the same is substantially marginalized.

February 6, 2015:

It occurs to me that if I’m paying for others to fornicate and copulate and all other manner of sexual interaction and I’m paying for the brooding, education, medication, and frequently the incarceration of the related progeny, paying for all of that sex through the tax code, paying for others to claim dependent deductions on tax returns and through not having eligibility for withholding on my own paycheck since I have no children or dependents of my own, I am subject to a form of economic genocide. Because that’s exactly what economic genocide is. It’s just that in this case, the genocide is facilitated through America’s socialist tax code.

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