William Thien

Donald Trump vs. The Haters

Posted on: October 8, 2016

Wow, Donald you have to watch what you say!

With all of the important issues that need to be addressed during this election to me what is most disappointing about this election is that it has focused primarily on an old, antiquated notion of femininity, one of perfection and purity of character, a notion which was redefined by women/feminists themselves in the sixties and seventies as “equal to men in every way,” not requiring any special treatment. Supposedly.

Yet, now all of the feminists are screaming about Donald Trump’s treatment of women as if we were living during a time prior to the sixties and seventies when it was almost required to hold the door for a lady and push in her chair. Women were treated with deference and respect as if they were better than men. And in my opinion, women are, and should be. But once again they are trying very hard to prove me wrong.

What is obvious now by all of the screeching and moaning coming from such types as Elizabeth Warren is that the women in this campaign are really frustrated not so much with what Donald Trump is saying about women but that they can’t have it both ways. They can’t be treated with deference and respect but then step into the pit of modern American political campaigning and leave unscathed, their expensive makeup jobs smudged, their colorful yet militant dresses and $10,000 pantsuits paid for by foreign donations and astronomically expensive special interest speeches ruffled.

Unless women want to return to a time before their latest and most dramatic feminist transformation during the sixties and seventies supposedly making them equal to men in every way, most of the things Trump has said about women, often he believed in confidence, are in my opinion non-issues. I say “most of the things” he said because public discourse requires some decorum and I do not condone everything he has said.

But women wanted equality. Women forced it upon the American public with demonstrations and withholding. Women burned their bras and threw away the dresses. Women wanted to play professional football and swear and chew tobacco and spit. What men said didn’t matter but now suddenly it does once again. Women started basketball and hockey teams. Women sought jobs in construction. Women wanted to be police officers and Army soldiers (Something I support, by the way). Women defined the so-called glass ceiling. Women pushed for Title IX.

Now more than ever for women it’s time to play ball instead of crying for a foul each and every time the opposition scores against you.

It could be said that the extensive and often false and unrealistic social boundaries created by feminism also created the conditions for somebody like Donald Trump to enter the race.

So, until you play by the rules of the game you yourselves have redefined over the last sixty years you are not getting my vote. That’s all there is to it. As much as I don’t like it, you leave me no choice.

And one other thing, when I see you on the television, I will turn it off. When I hear you on the radio, I will turn it off. When I see you on the internet, I will turn it off. Others I know will do the same and they will tell others they know and they will tell others to do the same.

You are just a bunch of haters and it shows.

Copyright © William Thien 2016

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