William Thien

On Observation on The 2nd Presidential Debate between Trump and Clinton

Posted on: October 10, 2016

In my opinion, Trump won the 2nd debate. While it was clear the questions and focus of the debate were on Donald Trumps “locker room talk,” nobody from the media brought up Hillary’s husband, Bill, the world class philandering, groping, and what some claim much worse, president.

If the country is prepared to vote for the woman who facilitated all of that kind of sexual misconduct, and she did facilitate it, facilitate it she did for decades no less, if the country is going to vote for her instead of some guy who was talking about women when he thought he was involved in a private conversation, well then maybe the preppers are on to something and maybe it’s time to stock up on canned goods and dig a hole in the backyard and build a zombie shelter because that’s what is going to be required to survive. No wonder the big three automakers and other large manufacturers are building all of their factories south of the border and in other parts of the world. It’s over!

Now, as I’ve stated, I don’t condone what Donald Trump has said but his plan to revitalize American Industry is much better than Hillary’s plan to tax the rich till there are no rich anymore (I support a flat tax, by the way, which is fair to everyone because everyone pays the same). Trump actually has ideas on how to fix the economy and was and has been the only one to state the problems and provide solutions.

The opposition (enemy) merely provides solutions to social issues but has no plan for the economy itself.

Hilllary doesn’t have any solution for American industry and her husband will go down in history as being the one who shut it down, went to the end of the assembly line and threw the switch by ratifying NAFTA and granting China most favored nation trading status.

Foreign automakers make as many cars if not more in The US now than US automakers!

Much of the problem though in my opinion with the debate had nothing to do with either candidate. Both looked much better than previously and I would vote for either merely on their appearance and demeanor. But much of the problem had to do with the moderators and after the second debate it is clear to me that the fix is in favor of Hillary. Has nothing to do with anything anyone said, there must be massive amounts of money changing hands. Money is in fact what all the media salivates about when they talk about the campaigns. Why? They are in a direct line to reap that cash in terms of advertising dollars, payoffs, and to be used to maintain the status quo for their advertisers.

Women control eighty percent of the discretionary income in this country, the spending money. And the media are clearly pandering to the female voter for that very reason. They can’t afford to simply state that actions (Hillary’s husband’s extra-marital affairs and Hillary’s covering for them) far outweigh the significance of Trump’s “locker room” talk. The media can’t afford to tell the truth, both sides of the story, or merely to make the distinction between talk and physical indiscretion. The media are pandering. And this goes of course to my previous commentary that the media need to be more directly regulated. They are supposed to provide both sides of the story but that clearly is not happening. FCC licenses should be revoked in that case.

Trump won the debate. Hillary looked good and for the first time I think she could do the job and do it well. But my vote still goes to Trump. He has the plan. She has the bully pulpit and has used it merely to cry about what amounts to nothing more than talk.

It’s rigged. The media is the facilitator.

Maybe the preppers are on to something.

Copyright © William Thien 2016

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