William Thien

Regarding Trump’s Comments that the election is rigged and that he is whining about it.

Posted on: October 19, 2016

First of all when we consider the entire election process in America we must understand that the election is not just the actual practice of voting and tabulating the votes.

There are other processes involved as well.

For example, the media have been fawning over The Clintons for decades. I could give reasons for that phenomenon but there is nothing like scandal to get the media tongue wagging in this age of tabloid journalism and of course The Clintons have been at the center of many major scandals.

The media have been catering to the Clintons with such media properties as “Madame Secretary” and the first five minutes favoring Hillary at the beginning of every evening news broadcast on a major network for at least since this election season began. Years before Clinton decided to run for president she has been receiving favorable media attention, not to say that she shouldn’t be receiving favorable media attention, she is after all a former First Lady.

There is also the treatment of Trump by The GOP as well and he has been treated like an outcast from the very beginning, required to publicly take special oaths and swear to boyscout style impromptu allegiances. Clearly it is not just The Democratic Party which has institutionalized some of its candidates.

So, when Donald Trump states the election is rigged, perhaps there is no question about the actual tabulation of votes, though many believe there are questionable practices there as well, at the very least there is significantly favorable treatment of one candidate, Hillary Clinton, by the media over the other, Donald Trump during the campaign season when there are significant questions about the integrity of the candidate that is receiving all of the favorable attention.

So, yes the election IS rigged.

Because the election isn’t just about the tabulation of votes, it is the entire process I’ve described, media fairness and more and from my perspective the entire process has treated Donal Trump unfairly. Yes, the election is rigged because the entire process has been rigged.

I not so sure it is the first time, though.

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