William Thien

An Attack on Second Amendment Rights or a Play for more taxes?

Posted on: October 20, 2016

To a certain extent I believe much of the discussion coming from the democrats on the subject of gun control has more to do with taxing particular gun sales rather than curtailing them. Gun sales at gun shows and over the internet already require a background check unless between two private parties who meet up and personally sell a gun to one another in the same state and that is not even legal in some states. Criminals won’t abide by those laws anyway. They never do.

But imagine if you purchased a shotgun for your son or daughter who was coming of hunting age and you had to pay another $100.00 or more to facilitate the transaction? That would generate a lot of tax revenue, wouldn’t it?

There already is an excise tax on fully manufactured guns which gun makers have to pay to the tune of something like $100.00 per gun, so gun sales are a money maker for the government. Perhaps now that they have a taste of that kind of revenue, on a $400 gun that’s a tax of 25 percent, they want more. And that doesn’t even include the sales tax or the cost of the background check that the seller runs on you.

There is of course the fact that many democrats, those in urban areas who vote democrat, shoot each other. Alot. So guns diminish the numbers of democrats. But I’ve stated that before. And that sounds like a problem with democrats and not guns.

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