William Thien

Why is Chris Wallace so set on getting Trump to accept the results?

Posted on: November 6, 2016

While watching Chris Wallace interview Governor Mike Pence this morning on national news Wallace posed the question, will Donald Trump accept the results of the election if he loses?

Wallace asked that question during the presidential debate which he moderated between Trump and Clinton as well.

After hearing the question from Wallace and others now several times, I have to ask why Wallace is so set on seeing that Trump concede to the results if he loses? Elections are contested all of the time. Al Gore contested his presidential election results and he is a Democrat.

So, why the constant drive to see that Trump accept the results? What is behind it?

Is there in fact something Wallace and other newscasters, many of whom met with Clinton campaign staff secretly, is there something they are aware of with regard to illegalities or unfairness in this election? Asking the question so many times, attempting to get Trump to accept the results suggests to me that Wallace and others are afraid there is in fact something illegal or unfair occurring in this election that would be discovered if the results were contested and by getting Trump to admit he would accept the results Wallace and the others could then rest easy knowing that their dirty work was concealed, concealed by Trump’s own acceptance of the results.

Wow, that’s dirty politics ladies and gentlemen.

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