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Over the weekend there were numerous stories and relatively numerous but minor protests over the executive action President Trump’s administration took implementing “extreme vetting.”

Fear mongering and panic motivated news stories popped up all over that had headlines screaming “Chaos and Confusion” and the term “unfair” was used quite a bit in the headlines as well.

All I could ask was, why? What all the chaos and confusion?

I think the real reason for all of the protests and all of the “chaos and confusion” is that unlike Presidents in the past, the guy is actually doing what he said he was going to do if he was elected. Nobody really expected that. Nobody the world over really expected that. It’s a new phenomenon. For the first time in decades we have a President who is sticking to his campaign promises. Not only is he sticking to his word, he is wasting no time in The White House doing what he said he was going to do. It is refreshing.

It’s a new day in modern American politics. No longer are we witnessing a President get elected and then entering into a long, drawn-out political process of seeing if Washington is in line with what those who have elected him want and then putting the will of the people off if Washington isn’t on the same sheet of music. He is implementing the will of those who elected him right from the get-go. I have to say, it is somewhat miraculous in a political sense.

Since President Trump and his administration were sworn in the guy has hit the ground running like a juggernaut.

I think it is advisable to consider what he said during his campaign and expect that there is a much better chance that he will make a worthy attempt to accomplish those promises compared to many previous elected. And I think that is what all of the chaos and confusion is about. That is what all of the protestations are about. Nobody believed he would do it!

Surprise! If you couldn’t see it in his eyes when every establishment media schmuck persecuted the man, if you couldn’t hear it in his voice during the debates you need to go to rehab because you are on something. Either that or you are just plain…

You know as well as I do that had Hillary Clinton been elected we’d still be getting settled in and that would go on for months. This guy is making things happen in his first week!

Thankfully, President Trump appears to be much more immune to what has been called “The Washington effect” where candidates fall back on their promises once they get in office, more immune than any candidate in modern history. He has been able to maintain much of his political composition so far and that might be why he is out of the gates so quickly.

And you know what that means, at least up until this point it means that for once we have elected a guy that is not a politician in the true sense of the word.

Isn’t that what everybody wanted?

So what’s all of the chaos and confusion about?

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When the Bradley Manning story broke about his release of classified information to Wikileaks I was naturally disgusted with Manning’s behavior and thought that Julian Assange’s broadcast of the documents on Wikileaks was simply an opportunistic move, which to a certain extent it was.

But now that Wikileaks has released emails from The DNC showing how the Clinton campaign and The DNC’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) forced Bernie Sanders out of the election as well as the emails from the Clinton campaign itself, to a certain extent I also believe that Wikileaks has partially redeemed itself with a “partial” redemption about all that can be achieved after what Wikileaks did with the Bradley/Chelsea Manning documents.

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Here is a link to a radio talk show piece on local talk radio AM 1130, The Jay Weber Show, that I thought was very enlightening as to why Mexico is really against building the wall.

Basically, as stated on the air Mexico is really against building the wall because illegals from Mexico working in America are sending remittances back to Mexico and those remittances are The Bank of Mexico’s largest source of income.

Rooting out and preventing the existence of illegals here in The United States will have a tremendously negative impact on Mexico’s banking system: http://newstalk1130.iheart.com/onair/the-jay-weber-show-14669/trump-threatens-mexicos-biggest-cash-source-15510869/

What if all of the female hysteria over Trump isn’t about Hillary losing the election? What if it isn’t about Trump himself or anything he has said?

What if all of the female anger in America is really because he is married to a foreign woman? What if the women in America are really angry because they realize that the 1st Lady is foreign-born and it signifies the fact that the leader of the free world doesn’t buy into all of the American feminist propaganda and the female party line we have been subjected to for the last fifty years, that feminist propaganda that says that all women are mistreated in America and put upon when in fact they have just about every law and all social programs written in their favor and they still are moaning about their condition, and the fact that Trump married a foreign-born lady sounds the death knell for that nagging line of feminist crap the country has had to endure for so long and pay for so dearly with taxpayer dollars? What if that’s what all of the shrieking is about?

What if the real reason women in America are so angry at Trump is that he is married to a beautiful, mature lady who isn’t overly dramatic and falsely upset by everything he does? What if the real reason women in America are so angry at Trump is that his marriage to such a wonderful person takes the overly dramatic and whiny American feminist down a few notches? What if the real reason American women are so angry with Trump is that his marriage to such in incredible first lady delegitimizes American feminism? What if that’s the real reason women are angry at Trump and by default irrationally upset at all men in America, now?

Are we witnessing the end of American feminism?

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In politics there is a term called “political calculus.” I won’t elaborate on what political calculus means exactly. There are in fact several versions of what it means. You can pretty much reach your own conclusion. Here is what I think the latest political calculus tells us.

I think The Democratic Party’s political calculus involves summing up all of the various groups that are considered “minority” by the federal government and any special classes of people are then added to that mass as well as anyone else who either believes in whatever platform they are peddling during that election or whomever is smitten with their candidate and that is the Democratic Party’s attempt to sum up the most votes. That is their political calculus.

You can make the same calculation I just made by examining the Democratic Party voter rolls. There is also a geographical component, that of large urban areas. Personally, some think all of that is great! Wow! That’s a huge number of people, humongous, seemingly almost insurmountable you would think anyway, especially with the aid of the big media payoff on top of all of that.

On the other hand, The Republican Party’s political calculus during this last election was this: We are going to speak to the people who are fed up with the way this country is going, we are going to talk to those whom the Democratic Party put on the unemployment rolls when their favorite President, Ole Billy Clinton himself ratified NAFTA and gave China most favored nation trading status. We are going to speak to those who are getting shafted on their taxes by the large, scary blob of socialist voters that the Democratic Party has cultivated for generations and we are going to fight the Democrats with our votes, because that is the right thing to do and that’s all there is to it.

Wow! Now that’s real political calculus. That’s real.

In response, The Democratic Party’s political calculus has been to scream and march around the nation’s capital dressed up like female genitalia and smash the windows at Starbucks in some Freudian form of classical hysteria.

If a guy did that, if a man dressed up like male genitalia and ran around screaming obscenities there is a very good chance he’d be arrested. Again, I reference my observation that I’ve made numerous times that feminism is a double standard, and it IS a double standard, a bogus double standard.

You cried and screamed bloody murder in the sixties, calling yourselves a “minority.” Now that there is a minority in your midst, you are no better than those you accused of being your oppressors. Equality is not about equalization to you and you know it.

Sorry, ladies, I just don’t buy it.

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In the past I wrote an essay, What is it going to be Equality or Diversity? Because you can’t have it both ways!

The terms equality and diversity indicate complete opposites of existence and are in my experience offensive tools rather than any measure of social equalization. “Equalization” is often not the ultimate goal.

To me what is crucial in the observation is that “equality” is frequently being used by one portion of society, women against men, one race against another, offensively rather than as a measure of equalization.

Equality and diversity are frequently terms used by larger social masses as a method of retribution rather than equalization. That is then just an en masse form of reverse discrimination. And as I’ve also written prior to this, reverse discrimination is just plain old discrimination.

Simply because it is discrimination in the reverse doesn’t mean it is excusable. If we are all equal, if by law we are now made to all be equal, then if you discriminate against me, that is not reverse discrimination, it is simply discrimination. Do you get it? I realize it is a difficult concept, even though it is so obviously simple.

I bring this up again because in reading the front page of the local newspaper today I noticed some picket signs in the large picture of the woman’s march in Washington D.C. protesting Donald Trump’s inauguration.

There were some very toothy slogans on those picket signs and clearly women in general haven’t risen above the circumstances. The women marching, not all women in this country of course, want to get down in the dirt it would appear.

So what does equality or diversity have to do with Trump’s inauguration? Once you are down there in the dirt, the rules change ladies. Didn’t you know that? You can’t chant nasty, barroom slogans and then expect to be treated like a lady. That’s just one incredibly “duh” moment I noticed in the pickets in the picture of the women marching.

The most significant realization I had, though, was in reading one picket that said “We are all Equal” and then seeing another picket several protesters back in the crowd that read, “Diversity is our Strength!”

Hold it. I’m confused. Are we diverse or are we all equal? We will use diversity in our defense when are accused of treating someone inequitably or will we seek equality when we feel we are being treated unequally? Ah yes, there is that massive distinction between the two terms used in such an an obvious yet subtle sense that it makes me wonder if those using the terms even know what they are saying? Of course they do.

This goes in particular to my statements in the past that feminism is a double standard forcing equality on the country but then limping off the field when the going gets rough, taking the game into the dirt but then crying foul when getting dirt on your faces and your social frills. Baiting and taunting in a public way and then crying sexism when the response isn’t satisfactory.

Clearly what most of what the march was about was that one candidate, now President of The United States, beat a female candidate that clearly most women voted for and were surprised out of their wits by her loss because large numbers of women are now angrily walking around on the streets of Washington D.C. dressed up like female genitalia no less. Imagine what they think of that in other countries for once.

“How can that be that she lost,” they were asking, forcing a recount? We all voted for her? Clearly you didn’t all vote for her. Recount complete. Nope, she didn’t win sorry to say.

Time to get over it. Time to get over it so we can all get on with it.

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The last couple of days there have been numerous articles at online news sites and in the mainstream television news talking about The Trump administration’s belief that they are being treated unfairly by the media. After reading the news online and watching the television news this morning I would have to agree. But why are the media treating Trump so unfairly.

Is it because the media had hoped that Hillary Clinton had won the presidency? No, I believe the media could care less if Clinton had won.

Are the media treating Trump unfairly because women are upset Clinton lost the election? Doubtful. Though the media like all of the hullabaloo and the marching going on because it makes for an interesting story, that’s not why the media are treating Trump unfairly.

Is it because the mainstream media is liberal? Perhaps, but that plays only a marginal part in this matter.

Then why, why treat The Trump administration differently than other administrations?

It is quite simple. All of the other candidates spent hundreds of millions of dollars on campaign advertising while Trump on the other hand won the presidency using a free social media account on Twitter.

Trump spent a small fraction of money on advertising dollars compared to all of his Republican rivals during the primary and then a relatively small fraction of advertising dollars defeating Hillary. The media makes money selling advertising space. Trump bought hardly any media time in comparison to his rivals and now the media feels it must make an example of Trump.

Instead of spending all of his money on campaign advertising, Trump had the media reporting about his use of a free social media account. The media spent half of its time trying to suggest that Trump’s tweets were inappropriate. Why? Because the media realized that Trump’s free Twitter account represents incredible competition to their own system of message control. The media want to control the message and it is through control of the message that they can force you to buy airtime to run your campaign ads.

The media are treating The Trump administration unfairly because they have lost control of the message. There is a new kid in town in mediaville and it is social media.

In treating The Trump administration unfairly the traditional media are committing a great disservice to the public by not allowing The Trump administration the same latitude provided to other administrations.

Keep that in mind when you switch on the television next time.

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I attended an open door listening session this last Saturday given by Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, my federal representative, at the local library. He does it a couple of times a year. You can ask questions and he responds before the crowd and afterwards you can speak to him personally.

The session seemed to be attended more by Democrats than Republicans, of which Sensenbrenner is a Republican. There were many moderately loud exchanges between the Democrats and the panel populated by Sensenbrenner and two local state politicians.

Numerous questions were asked by avowed Democrats about various aspects of The Affordable Care Act and I got the sense that Sensenbrenner was genuinely aware of the sensitivity of the matter of simply repealing The ACA without providing an alternative and he intimated that was the sentiment throughout much of the Republicans in the house.

He suggested that although The ACA might be repealed seemingly post-haste, an alternative would in fact be offered and that the current President elect hasn’t even been sworn in and wasn’t all of the fear mongering premature?

So, for the Americans on The ACA, I believe a suitable alternative will be provided.

It is my opinion that The ACA is nothing more than a big health insurance company gimme and a punitive tax upon lower middle-income tax payer and should be repealed quickly. Premiums are skyrocketing and deductibles are bankrupting people. The ACA needs to go.

In its stead I would recommend what Trump suggests and what many of the Republicans are suggesting, deregulate the sale of health insurance across state lines and create a competitive market.

Sensenbrenner also suggested that Republicans were aware that the no pre-existing conditions clause should remain and that was the goal of any alternative for a new health care plan.

I left the listening session feeling moderately confident any alternative plan would be many times better than The ACA.

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