William Thien

Why is the media so anti-Trump?

Posted on: January 23, 2017

The last couple of days there have been numerous articles at online news sites and in the mainstream television news talking about The Trump administration’s belief that they are being treated unfairly by the media. After reading the news online and watching the television news this morning I would have to agree. But why are the media treating Trump so unfairly.

Is it because the media had hoped that Hillary Clinton had won the presidency? No, I believe the media could care less if Clinton had won.

Are the media treating Trump unfairly because women are upset Clinton lost the election? Doubtful. Though the media like all of the hullabaloo and the marching going on because it makes for an interesting story, that’s not why the media are treating Trump unfairly.

Is it because the mainstream media is liberal? Perhaps, but that plays only a marginal part in this matter.

Then why, why treat The Trump administration differently than other administrations?

It is quite simple. All of the other candidates spent hundreds of millions of dollars on campaign advertising while Trump on the other hand won the presidency using a free social media account on Twitter.

Trump spent a small fraction of money on advertising dollars compared to all of his Republican rivals during the primary and then a relatively small fraction of advertising dollars defeating Hillary. The media makes money selling advertising space. Trump bought hardly any media time in comparison to his rivals and now the media feels it must make an example of Trump.

Instead of spending all of his money on campaign advertising, Trump had the media reporting about his use of a free social media account. The media spent half of its time trying to suggest that Trump’s tweets were inappropriate. Why? Because the media realized that Trump’s free Twitter account represents incredible competition to their own system of message control. The media want to control the message and it is through control of the message that they can force you to buy airtime to run your campaign ads.

The media are treating The Trump administration unfairly because they have lost control of the message. There is a new kid in town in mediaville and it is social media.

In treating The Trump administration unfairly the traditional media are committing a great disservice to the public by not allowing The Trump administration the same latitude provided to other administrations.

Keep that in mind when you switch on the television next time.

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