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Equality, Diversity, What is it next?

Posted on: January 24, 2017

In the past I wrote an essay, What is it going to be Equality or Diversity? Because you can’t have it both ways!

The terms equality and diversity indicate complete opposites of existence and are in my experience offensive tools rather than any measure of social equalization. “Equalization” is often not the ultimate goal.

To me what is crucial in the observation is that “equality” is frequently being used by one portion of society, women against men, one race against another, offensively rather than as a measure of equalization.

Equality and diversity are frequently terms used by larger social masses as a method of retribution rather than equalization. That is then just an en masse form of reverse discrimination. And as I’ve also written prior to this, reverse discrimination is just plain old discrimination.

Simply because it is discrimination in the reverse doesn’t mean it is excusable. If we are all equal, if by law we are now made to all be equal, then if you discriminate against me, that is not reverse discrimination, it is simply discrimination. Do you get it? I realize it is a difficult concept, even though it is so obviously simple.

I bring this up again because in reading the front page of the local newspaper today I noticed some picket signs in the large picture of the woman’s march in Washington D.C. protesting Donald Trump’s inauguration.

There were some very toothy slogans on those picket signs and clearly women in general haven’t risen above the circumstances. The women marching, not all women in this country of course, want to get down in the dirt it would appear.

So what does equality or diversity have to do with Trump’s inauguration? Once you are down there in the dirt, the rules change ladies. Didn’t you know that? You can’t chant nasty, barroom slogans and then expect to be treated like a lady. That’s just one incredibly “duh” moment I noticed in the pickets in the picture of the women marching.

The most significant realization I had, though, was in reading one picket that said “We are all Equal” and then seeing another picket several protesters back in the crowd that read, “Diversity is our Strength!”

Hold it. I’m confused. Are we diverse or are we all equal? We will use diversity in our defense when are accused of treating someone inequitably or will we seek equality when we feel we are being treated unequally? Ah yes, there is that massive distinction between the two terms used in such an an obvious yet subtle sense that it makes me wonder if those using the terms even know what they are saying? Of course they do.

This goes in particular to my statements in the past that feminism is a double standard forcing equality on the country but then limping off the field when the going gets rough, taking the game into the dirt but then crying foul when getting dirt on your faces and your social frills. Baiting and taunting in a public way and then crying sexism when the response isn’t satisfactory.

Clearly what most of what the march was about was that one candidate, now President of The United States, beat a female candidate that clearly most women voted for and were surprised out of their wits by her loss because large numbers of women are now angrily walking around on the streets of Washington D.C. dressed up like female genitalia no less. Imagine what they think of that in other countries for once.

“How can that be that she lost,” they were asking, forcing a recount? We all voted for her? Clearly you didn’t all vote for her. Recount complete. Nope, she didn’t win sorry to say.

Time to get over it. Time to get over it so we can all get on with it.

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