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What if All of the Female Protests are really about the end of American feminism?

Posted on: January 24, 2017

What if all of the female hysteria over Trump isn’t about Hillary losing the election? What if it isn’t about Trump himself or anything he has said?

What if all of the female anger in America is really because he is married to a foreign woman? What if the women in America are really angry because they realize that the 1st Lady is foreign-born and it signifies the fact that the leader of the free world doesn’t buy into all of the American feminist propaganda and the female party line we have been subjected to for the last fifty years, that feminist propaganda that says that all women are mistreated in America and put upon when in fact they have just about every law and all social programs written in their favor and they still are moaning about their condition, and the fact that Trump married a foreign-born lady sounds the death knell for that nagging line of feminist crap the country has had to endure for so long and pay for so dearly with taxpayer dollars? What if that’s what all of the shrieking is about?

What if the real reason women in America are so angry at Trump is that he is married to a beautiful, mature lady who isn’t overly dramatic and falsely upset by everything he does? What if the real reason women in America are so angry at Trump is that his marriage to such a wonderful person takes the overly dramatic and whiny American feminist down a few notches? What if the real reason American women are so angry with Trump is that his marriage to such in incredible first lady delegitimizes American feminism? What if that’s the real reason women are angry at Trump and by default irrationally upset at all men in America, now?

Are we witnessing the end of American feminism?

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2 Responses to "What if All of the Female Protests are really about the end of American feminism?"

I respectfully disagree with this, William.
Women are fighting for the right to equal pay for equal work, the right to reproductive choice, and availability of birth control. We want to be recognized and represented equally, not marginalized. How many women are in the Trump cabinet and what positions do they hold? When executive orders and bills are signed regarding reproductive rights, how many women participate? Photos show zero.
Yes, the current Mrs. Trump is a beautiful model. I don’t think most women resent this except possibly for the hypocrisy regarding Trump’s stance toward immigrants in this country. I believe you have minimized some issues that are extremely important to women!

Those are some great points. I merely asked a list of questions, though.

And though I don’t believe abortion should be outlawed, the argument can be made that reproductive choice is a misnomer for “oops,” I better do something about this thing or go on gubmt assistance.

I would add that even though women want equal pay and authority in the workplace, in my experience and that of most men I know, women still want to be able to use the “weaker sex” option when necessary as well, such as during a pregnancy or during periods of heavy lifting or many other situations. There is a certain duplicitous characteristic to female workplace behavior that is clearly a double standard.

Also, where I work a woman runs the entire operation with I guesstimate 20,000 employees. A woman runs the local facility where I work in that entire operation with 100 employees and a women is the department head of my department with ten employees. Equal pay for equal work is overbilled in my opinion.

Often when women are in positions of leadership they will act tyrannically and then withdraw and demure when they are called about it and even female leadership uses the sexual harassment complaint as a way to get rid of competition in the workplace or to marginalize detractors. Equal work for equal pay is a questionable requirement in many cases which is probably why it has so much difficulty getting traction.

I’d respond to many of the other points you make but I must say you’ve inspired me to write about them in further observations.

Thank you for your comment.

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