William Thien

An Observation on Drug Testing Those who Receive Government Assistance

Posted on: February 4, 2017

I am not a big fan of blanket or even random drug testing in the workplace. Blanket and/or random drug testing is in my opinion an unreasonable search. But employers have finagled all manner of workarounds and now it is commonplace for many jobs, even the most menial and low paying positions, even jobs that are not considered dangerous.

It is only fair, though, that if those who are working are required to take a drug test then those receiving government assistance should be tested as well.

In my opinion it is not just a matter of seeing to the health of those on government assistance as stated by the proponents of drug testing such recipients, it is just as importantly a matter of fairness to those paying incomes taxes and sharing their income without any say in the matter, many of which likely had to take a drug test themselves in order to get their job in the first place.

I’d rather see no blanket or random drug testing, but fair is fair.

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