William Thien

Looking forward to reading the new tax plan

Posted on: February 10, 2017

One of the primary focuses of my writing at this venue is how the tax code affects me as an individual and I for one as an individual who owns no property or that has no dependent write-offs am waiting to hear about the new tax plan.

During the campaign promises of increases in deductions were made to families with dependents and to property owners as well but little if anything was mentioned about single tax payers with no dependents or property, what I have called “the indentures” to the US tax code.

Even if the only change for single tax payers is a decrease in the tax rate, I will find that quite satisfying as someone making the same as I do and that has dependents or that owns their home receives a substantial tax refund compared to my taxes and pays less throughout the year as well on their paychecks. The government has in effect given them a raise, a raise with my tax dollars.

As I’ve stated before I do not begrudge the other tax payers. They should take the tax write-offs. I would do the same. But that is blatantly unfair tax policy and if the tax code should be one thing and one thing only, the tax code should be fair.

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