William Thien

The extent of socialism and communism in America

Posted on: February 18, 2017

Socialism and communism are entrenched both in public policy and private profiteering in America.

Medicare and Medicaid for example were not created simply to make sure those in need received health care, the two programs were created to make sure the health care industry got its money. The taxpayer was strapped with the two socialized health care systems (and that’s what they are, socialized medicine) primarily so that health care providers were paid for the services they provided, not just so that those in need could receive health care. That’s just how it was packaged for the public.

Now they are massive targets for corruption and overpricing.

We always hear that it is the “welfare mommas” that are costing the taxpayer substantially, and that is true, but socialism is extensive in this country in both the public and private sectors.

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2 Responses to "The extent of socialism and communism in America"

Not to mention the crony socialism wherein campaign donations are exchanged for massive subsidies (Solyndra, etc) with the taxpayers getting nothing but the shaft.
Our government is bought and paid for by special interests. Time to drain the swamp. The resistance is massive because the stakes are so high.

You make some excellent points. The stakes are high for those invested in seeing that Washington runs a particular way. Thank you for your comment.

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