William Thien

The Trump Presidency. A New Age in American Politics.

Posted on: February 19, 2017

One could conclude that much of the resistance we are seeing today from the establishment media and the political left is simply due to the mere state of abject shock the media and the left found themselves in when Trump won the presidency.

With all of the favoritism the media provided to Clinton, with the constant media persecution of Trump, and with all of the money Trump’s opposition spent on media advertising, just about everyone thought Clinton was a shoe-in.

Politically, it was a surprise right!

I think just about everyone I know on the right was even surprised that Trump won.

But getting past the state of sheer political trauma the left and the media are suffering, we have to realize that accomplishing the things that the right wants to accomplish isn’t going to be easy, especially given the seemingly outlandish circumstances and the massive state of political hysteria the left is displaying.

Conservatives AND the political right will have to muster and work together to enable this new age in American politics. Let’s not mislead ourselves. Bringing about the change we seek was never going to be easy.

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