William Thien

Dear Senator McCain

Posted on: February 20, 2017

Though I understand your resentment of the current administration there is more at stake than your feelings. When you go overseas and make comments about US Leadership, you are not only making an attempt to injure the current administration, you are injuring all of the voters who voted for the current administration.

There is more to it than your own feelings. This is not about you, it’s not about the current administration, it’s about the country.

Please practice more discretion.





2 Responses to "Dear Senator McCain"

McCain is that nightmarish pol combination of nihilist and narcisisst, in which the only urge greater than his impulse toward self-aggrandizement is to occasionally and usually randomly without warning tear-it-all down in a fit of ‘negative transcendence,’ casualties or those merely just inconvenienced to his political grandstanding whim be damned.

It’s my opinion that McCain during the 2008 campaign smelled defeat in the cause of a historic election; obama had the lead, had the historical mythology on his side, had the press on his side —— this was not the time for a status quo 70-year-old centrist neo-con, however much ‘the Maverick,’ etc., ad nauseum.

So, in yet another act of Nietzschean ‘negative transcendence,’ he named one Sarah Palin as his running mate, knowing full well what a comic sideshow she would provide and not to mention the cover she would provide and blame she would be saddled with for his campaign failure and defeat.

I’m glad he lost regardless —– but i’m convinced his naming Palin was a Kamikaze move by McCain in Campaign 2008.

That is a very interesting and I’d say a likely and perceptive analysis of McCain.

I think we all get the fact that he is a national hero in a sense and should be treated with respect. But to do what he is doing because he hasn’t received respect at all times is something that…

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