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American Flag Waving, the Big 3, and Buying American

Posted on: March 1, 2017

I recently had to purchase a new vehicle. I labored intensively over specifications, what I thought I needed based on the roads where I reside, which I have called “third world” roads for many years now. I considered what I could afford after all of these years of FED stimulated inflation as well as lots of review reading and anecdotal stories.

Wanting to purchased made in America I found was rather difficult, even with the big 3 automakers. My previous car, the flagship car of one of the big three, was manufactured in Canada and Mexico. But it was from an American car company.

I admit was concerned about purchasing a foreign-made car.

After looking at a number of web sites that examined the American parts content of cars I discovered that few cars are made in America any longer, even cars made by the big 3. The car most made in America is in fact manufactured by a foreign auto maker here in The US. Only one vehicle had more parts content of US origin and it was a pickup truck, something that I could not afford. Now they are offering them at $10,000 off. Really? All of the sudden?

So I purchased a foreign-made vehicle. The day I drove it into the city (I commute 21 miles), Ford Motor company announced it had decided not to build a plant in Mexico that it was planning to build. The next day GM announced it was going to revamp a plant in Detroit instead of setting up another plant in Mexico.

Sometimes in order to get someone to do what you want them to do you have to do the complete opposite.

You are welcome.

As for the reason why I didn’t purchase one of the big three, well the last car I owned as I mentioned wasn’t even made here and the company makes nothing here completely any longer.

I lobbied and canvassed heavily for the bailout of the big three (my explanation was that the US needs auto manufacturers because they are the only ones that can ramp up industrially for a world war and Congress and The Senate bought into the bailout). They were bailed out and I then later applied for jobs at two of the big 3. Never heard a thing. Why should I buy your car if after my explanation resulted in your bailout and you won’t even offer me a job?

I applied at the other member of the big 3 when I’d just transitioned from the Army in 1995. Never heard from them. I applied to their advertising agency after that and even offered a script for an ad. I was turned down. Three years later I saw my idea for the ad in another automakers television advertisement.

I even applied at a local motorcycle manufacturer where I reside. Three times! Never heard a peep from them. Not even one rejection letter! Half of their parts weren’t even made in the US either at the time! I love their motorcycles, but if I apply at your company and you don’t even say “no thanks,” well at least I tried. Then, when I bought a foreign motorcycle, they tried to run me off of the road with minivans! Then, they practically put themselves out of business and tried to blame it on me. That’s what happens when you spend all of your money spying on the consumer instead of making and designing new products. What a fiasco of leadership. Glad to see they’ve turned it around. They do make some beautiful motorcycles. Perhaps one day I will buy one. But if my purchasing a foreign motorcycle had such a dramatic effect on your sales, maybe you should just give me one to ride around on and based on your theory that I had that much effect on your business, well then things should happen in your favor then, right?

So, after doing all that, putting up with all that, and then purchasing a foreign vehicle, something I believe they’d never thought I’d do (you know you didn’t, even the lot I purchased the foreign vehicle from didn’t think I’d do it) and then driving it in to work for the first time and seeing two of the big three suddenly announce they weren’t setting up shop in Mexico any longer the very same day, even after months of the current administration saying they were going to do something about that arrangement and the big 3 still doing nothing until the very day I drove my new foreign vehicle into town, well…it’s all a big coincidence, I think, though others tell me differently.

In conclusion, why buy American if it’s not made in America? They’ve taken the American flag and pulled it over the consumer’s eyes. These aren’t American automakers anymore, they are huge multi-nationals. It makes you wonder if when they set up shop in a foreign country they fly that country’s flag there and not the American flag. I bet there is an answer to that.

I’ve just lifted the flag up enough for the American people to see that and now the big 3 are finally coming home.

When you make a vehicle that matches my needs, that is made here in America and that is the technological quality that I’m looking for, you might see me on the lot. But after looking and looking and looking already, applying to work at your companies and not even hearing back from you, it might be some time before that happens.

I tried. I tried to buy American. But if you are just going to pull the flag over my eyes, well…

All one needs to do is sit at the stop light and watch as foreign car after foreign car go by and you know I’m not alone.

With my lobbying for your bailout, applying for jobs at your companies, and then still buying numerous cars by the big 3 and finding out they weren’t even made here in The US, well you can’t say I didn’t give you a chance. Some might even say you wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for myself and people like me.

You know it’s all true. You know it is.

You can’t make this stuff up people.

Now why do you want to go and treat me like that? After all I’ve done for you.

P.S.  On another note, if you read my entire blog roll, you’ll see he is taking almost his entire game plan straight from it.

Copyright © William Thien 2017

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